Brother XR9500PRW Sewing Machine Review

Brother XR9500PRWAs a company, Brother aims to offer electric appliances that suit different needs and various purposes. When it comes to the Brother XR9500PRW we have a sewing machine that immediately became popular after its release. For its affordable price, the Brother XR9500PRW has extremely great features you’d expect to see only in more expensive machines. These features are one of the main reasons this sewing machine is counted among the best in the world.

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Key Features of the Brother XR9500PRW

Sewing machines like the Brother XR9500PRW are made to give beginners an impressive start and offer experienced users something great as well. Among these features we have:

• 140 built-in stitches (including button-hole styles)
• Medium sizes LCD screen
• Illuminated work area
• Automatic threading
• Top drop-in bobbin
• Basic monogramming function
• Free arm
• Extension table
• Start/stop and needle up/down buttons

It is obvious from the above list, that the Brother XR9500PRW offers great value for its price, making it ideal for people who want to do high end sewing on a budget. It is also important to note are the many benefits the above features bring to the owner of this sewing machine.

Benefits of Using the Brother XR9500PRW

Brother is a company with many years of experience when it comes to producing sewing machines. All their products are of great quality and the Brother XR9500PRW is no exception to the rule. This sewing machine is built to be robust and light at the same time. The hard case that comes with it, protects the Brother XR9500PRW from any damage and dust when it isn’t used, making it easier to store safely as well.

What many owners of the Brother XR9500PRW have loved the most is the amazing on/off button that allows you to quickly stop the machine whenever you want. The needle up and down function is just as popular and is one of those features you can’t do without once you got used to them.

The Brother XR9500PRW works quite silently and can reach a maximum speed of 850 stitches per minute. This speed allows easy projects to be done very quickly. The adjustable speed slide allows you to lower the sewing speed, for when you want to work carefully on a project. The slow speeds are extremely useful for beginners as well, who want more control over what they are doing.

The work area is illuminated brightly with a LED light. This allows you to see clearly what is happening in the work area, even when you use dark textiles and threads.

The Brother XR9500PRW has 140 stitch functions and 100 unique stitches built-in. 8 of those are one-step automatic button-holes. This sewing machine includes one letter font for basic monogramming, which allows you to stitch letters into your projects.

This sewing machine has a free arm for those tedious small projects that simply don’t fit on the wide working area. Also, an oversized table is included with the purchase of the Brother XR9500PRW. This extended work area is very useful when you want to work on large projects, like quilts.

The Brother XR9500PRW comes with many small accessories. Seven of those are standard presser feet. Feeding the top drop-in bobbin is extremely easy with this sewing machine and the bobbin is very easy to wind as well. This sewing machine has an automatic threading system, saving you a lot of time since you don’t need to thread it manually.

Why Should You Buy the Brother XR9500PRW?

Many people are looking for an affordable option when it comes to sewing machines. Yet, most still want some of the high end features included, so that they can experiment and create amazing projects. The Brother XR9500PRW is one such machine, which aims to make many (usually expensive) features affordable for all.

Among the reasons you should buy this sewing machine are:

Versatility. The number of stitches available is impressive, especially if you note that there are 8 different button-hole styles for you to choose. You also have the ability to write and monogram with a single letter font.
Great value for money. This machine is very cheap for the quality of the features it contains.
High quality. This sewing machine is built to withstand extensive use for many years. It comes with a 25 year guarantee.
Easy to use. It is very easy to use the Brother XR9500PRW, even for a complete amateur.

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By buying the Brother XR9500PRW you get features you would usually have to pay double or triple the price for. The Brother XR9500PRW is the perfect sewing machine for those who want sewing to be both affordable and creative.

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