Brother XL2600I Sewing Machine Review

Brother XL2600IBrother is one of those companies you can rely on when it comes to creating popular and high quality appliances. Brother XL2600I is no exception to the rule, being one of their awarded products. This is a sewing machine that delivers on every front when it comes to what you expect from a practical machine for everyday home use. The Brother XL2600I is a sewing machine you can expect to be robust and do all the basic sewing jobs a typical household needs done. The features it includes show clearly the practical simplicity of its design, which focuses on being more useful than fancy.

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Key Features of the Brother XL2600I Sewing Machine

When it comes to making sewing easier and more comfortable for you, the Brother XL2600I has all the comforts you will ever need. Its main features include:

• 25 built-in stitches
• 1-step automatic button-hole creation
• Free arm
• Automatic needle threading
• Jam resistant drop-in bobbin
• Automatic bobbin winding
• Thread cutter
• Plenty of accessories included

Aside from the main features, using the Brother XL2600I offers plenty of practical benefits.

Benefits of Using the Brother XL2600I

This sewing machine has a sleek and simple design, built to do everyday sewing jobs quickly and with great efficiency. The maximum speed at which it can work is 800 stitches per minute, completing straight forward projects within seconds. Jobs like mending or sewing curtains/tablecloths can be done within minutes.

This is the perfect machine for a beginner, since it has all the basic features one needs to learn sewing, without all the unnecessary complications that come with other sewing machines. Nonetheless, even experienced users can benefits from this little sewing machine’s power and practicality.

There is no need to fumble around with a thread and the needle for minutes at a time. The Brother XL2600I has an automatic threading system, which places the thread through the needle within seconds with minimal input from you.

The 25 stitches programmed into this machine are all you will ever need and can be easily chosen and changed with the turn of a dial. This dial has a graphic depiction of how the chosen stitches will look like, making it easy to choose and know what the result will look like beforehand. A one-step button-hole stitch is included, which makes creating button-holes easy as a breeze.

The drop-in bobbin is easy to feed and the automatic winding makes for an excellent time-saving feature as well.

The Brother XL2600I has a free arm on which you can work with small projects like sleeves and children’s clothes. Within the free arm there is a storage place that can hold all the accessories that come with this sewing machine. These accessories include five detachable feet among other useful little gadgets. You can additionally order a free motion quilting foot and even more quilting feet to customize your sewing machine for your needs.

The work area is illuminated; so that you can see what you are doing even when the textiles you work on is dark. This makes it easy to work with darker colors without fear of messing up the stitches.

A foot controller is included with the purchase of this sewing machine.

Why Should You Buy the Brother XL2600I?

If you want a basic, high quality sewing machine, then the Brother XL2600I is ideal for you. It can do all the basic jobs you need a sewing machine for, without the frills and extra fancy stitches of more expensive machines. This is an ideal product for beginners and people who want a sewing machine for simple jobs and not for elaborate artistic sewing.

This sewing machine offers you:

High quality. The Brother XL2600I is built to last and to withstand extensive use.
Great speed. Its simplicity allows this sewing machine to do its job quickly and efficiently as it can work as fast as 850 stitches per minute.
Easy to use. It is very easy to learn how to use this sewing machine.

This is an honest and simple product that focuses more on doing the most important work well instead of offering a lot of various choices. Sewing clothes, curtains, tablecloths and quilts, among other things, is something this baby can do diligently and without hiccups.

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The Brother XL2600I is the perfect machine for the practical seamstress/tailor who wants a product focused on basic effectiveness and great productivity. It is the perfect machine to learn sewing with for the beginner, as well as a great tool for those who focus on basic sewing projects.

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