Brother Project Runway PC420PRW Sewing Machine Review

Brother Project Runway PC420PRWWhen Brother designed this product they had the creative sewing fan in mind. The Brother PC420PRW is a sewing machine that can create fancy artwork with its stitches and allow its user to be as creative as possible. If you are looking for a sewing machine that can write and create stitches only you have dreamed of, then the Brother PC420PRW is perfect for you. The quality of this machine becomes obvious when we take a look at its many included features.

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Key Features of the Brother PC420PRW

We won’t catalogue every single one of the many features the Brother PC420PRW sports, but we can offer you a comprehensive list of the most amazing ones:

• 294 built-in stitches
• Amazing custom stitch creator
• Alphabetic/Numeric stitches
• LCD screen
• Automatic needle threading
• Jam resistant top drop-in bobbin
• Twin needle function
• Knee-lifter to remove/reposition textile under the foot
• Plenty of accessories

These features seem impressive enough, but they become even more astonishing when you realize the benefits they offer to the users of this sewing machine.

Benefits of Using the Brother PC420PRW

The feature that immediately steals the spot-light when it comes to the Brother PC420PRW is the custom stitch creator. With this handy little program you can create a new stitch from scratch, simply by programming the sewing machine to do so! Just program/draw your custom stitch into the sewing machine. You can then save your special stitch into the machine’s memory for you to use whenever you please in the future. This gives immense creative freedom to the user of the Brother PC420PRW, allowing for original stitches nobody else ever used. Imagine all the different little picture and fancy rows of thread you can create.

If this wasn’t enough, the Brother PC420PRW already has its own big library of 294 stitches already included for you to use. Of these 67 are utility stitches, 31 are simple decorative stitches, 5 are cross stitches, 16 are satin stitches and 10 are decorative satin stitches. There are also 10 one-step button-hole styles to choose from. This already gives you a huge choice of stitches to create unique pieces of art with.

The backlit LCD screen allows you to program and choose the stitch you want to use with ease. The work area is also brightly lit with LED light to allow for precision work even on the darkest textiles.

The special speed slide allows you to change the speed of the stitching without the need of the foot controller. You can work as fast as 850 stitches per minute on easy, straight forward projects. You can also work slowly on difficult intricate pattern when you wish to do so.

The Brother PC420PRW includes an advanced automatic threading system, which saves you a lot of time from having to do the tedious threading manually. There is also a special on/off button, as well as a needle up and down choice. The Brother PC420PRW has a free arm and you can additionally order an extended table for it.

The many accessories that come with the Brother PC420PRW, as well as those you can additionally order, allow you to create designer level handicrafts. The sewing machine comes with 13 different presser feet to use for various effects and projects.

Winding and feeding the bobbin is a piece of cake, saving you even more time when preparing your sewing machine. The bobbin is a handy top drop-in style and the winding is done with the push of a simple button.

It is generally obvious that the Brother PC420PRW was designed for the passionate sewing-lover, who wants to be able to take their hobby to the next level.

Why Should You Buy the Brother PC420PRW?

The Brother PC420PRW has everything you will ever need from a sewing machine and even more. The extreme customization this sewing machine allows gives its users to freedom to create whatever they desire, exactly how they want it.

These are some of the reasons why the Brother PC420PRW is such a good buy:

Extreme versatility. The Brother PC420PRW also allows you to write with stitches, using three different lettering fonts. You also have the ability to custom create stitches and use the 294 existing ones.
High quality. The robust design is what gives you the 25 year guarantee when buying this sewing machine.
Easy to use. It is very simple to learn how to use this sewing machine.

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A sewing machine like the Brother PC420PRW offers you most of the features only really expensive sewing machines have, at a much lower price and with the same quality. For someone who wants to put all their creativity into unique sewing designs, the Brother PC420PRW is the perfect choice.

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