Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine Review

Brother CS6000i Sewing MachineLong gone are the times when our parents and grandparents had to slave over an ancient sewing machine for hours to get anything decent done. Amazing pieces of modern technology, like the Brother CS6000i, make what was once a tedious chore into a fun and productive hobby. This machine sports the perfect balance between an easy user experience and high quality results, making it a favorite of many.

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Key Features of Brother CS6000i

Here is a quick glimpse of the features that make the Brother CS6000i such a great sewing machine:

•    Built-in LCD screen
•    60 different stitches
•    Automatic threading
•    Bright working area
•    Detachable oversized table
•    Free arm
•    Foot controller
•    Plenty of accessories to attach

Now, let’s take a closer look at how these features can turn sewing into a whole new and better experience with Brother CS6000i.

Benefits of Using Brother CS6000i

One of the most important features of the Brother CS6000i is that it has an LCD screen. This little screen helps you use the many computerized features of the sewing machine with ease. By pressing a single button, you can choose among a selection of 60 stitches and find the ideal one to use for your project. The LCD screen will display exactly what your selected stitch will look like, helping you to choose correctly without trial and error.

Getting your needle threaded used to be one of the toughest parts of sewing. This is why advanced sewing machines like the Brother CS6000i have an automatic needle threader. Simply by touching a handy little lever on the side of the machine, the Brother CS6000i will place the thread into the needle all by its own. With this little trick you can say goodbye to those tedious moments of trying to push a little thread through and even smaller needle hole.

If you want your sewing machine to stitch faster or slower, you simply have to adjust the special speed slide left or right. This makes it easier to do your easy projects extremely fast and to be extra careful when handling a sensitive textile.

When trying to sew on a dark textile, it is often hard to see what you are actually doing. This puts many people off from working a lot with dark colors on their sewing machine. Thankfully, there is no need to hold back from your favorite darks with the Brother CS6000i. The work area is illuminated in a bright blue color when the machine is sewing, making it easy to see what you are doing, even on the darkest textiles.

When you need to work on a big project, like a quilt, the Brother CS6000i offers you the great convenience of a removable oversized table. This way you have greater control over your movements and the project as a whole. But that’s not all! Passionate quilt makers will appreciate this sewing machine’s walking foot, which allows you to place the stitches in a more accurate manner.

There is an added on/off button that lets you switch the sewing machine on or off without the need for the foot controller. This way you can stop the machine with your hand alone if it is needed, giving you more control over hectic situations.

Why Should You Buy the Brother CS6000i?

The answer is pretty simple: This sewing machine offers most of the features you will ever need. The clear benefits of owning such a great sewing machine include:

•    Easy Use. It is extremely easy to learn how to use the Brother CS6000i, even with all the included features and abilities of this sewing machine.
•    Good Control. You can switch the machine on and off with a simple button, stitch accurately with the walking foot and adjust your speed with the special slide. These features offer good control to the user.
•    Versatility. The Brother CS6000i is no one-trick pony. With its many accessories, 60 stitches and programming choices, you can do a great range of different projects all on the same machine.
•    Adjustability. With the built-in free arm and the removable oversized table you can handle both small projects, like sleeves, and big ones, like quilts, on the same machine.
•    Quality. With the Brother CS6000i you know you are buying a quality item that will last you for a very long time and do its job as intended for just as long. Buying such a great sewing machine ensures that your investment pays off.

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In today’s busy world we need quick and versatile machines that can do most of the work for us. Creating brand new clothes out of old textiles and items, sewing that perfect quilt for your home and repairing your own clothes by your own is what owning a great sewing machine is all about and the Brother CS6000i delivers on all three fronts impeccably.

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