The Eight Best Sewing Machines

The Eight Best Sewing Machines. Sewing machines were first produced in 1790 to increase the productivity of the clothing industry during the first industrial revolution. These machines that were created back then mainly focused on decreasing labor time for tailors and seamstresses. Since then, technology has moved forward and sewing machines no longer are simple labor savers. Modern sewing machines can turn textiles into pieces of art, create stitches with enormous speed and have many automatic features that save time and effort.


When trying to choose the eight best sewing machines we have to take into consideration that today people want different sewing machines to serve various needs. Not all sewing machines are ideal for every user. Another factor we take into account is the value for money ratio. Some sewing machines are too expensive for their features and others are a real bargain. The eight best sewing machines have to offer a lot of convenience and benefits for their price.

Two companies steal the limelight when it comes to great sewing machines: the traditional SINGER Company and popular Brother Company. The sewing machines that were chosen as the eight best by popular opinion, in random order, are the:

1.    Brother CS6000i
2.    SINGER 7256
3.    SINGER 4411
4.    SINGER 9960
5.    SINGER 7258
6.    Brother XL2600I
7.    Brother PC420PRW
8.    Brother XR9500PRW

These sewing machines were chosen because of their amazing features, compared to their competitive prizes. It goes without saying that these are all high quality sewing machines, yet we will take a closer look at the:

Noteworthy Features of Modern Sewing Machines

One expects certain specification when it comes to the best modern sewing machines. Most of these features aim to improve on older models, which weren’t as labor-saving as they could be today.

One of the important features one looks out for today is the automatic threading function that many modern sewing machines have. Threading your needle used to be an arduous job, which is even harder for people with shaky hands or bad eye-sight. Having the machine do the threading for you is quite handy.

An Illuminated workspace allows you to see better what you are doing when you are using your sewing machine. Especially when you work with dark colored textiles, it can be very hard to see the stitches being placed. Good sewing machines ensure that your work area is brightly lit to compensate for that problem.

LCD screens are extremely important when you want a sewing machine that has dozens (if not hundreds) of programmed abilities. While screens aren’t important for simple machines, they are necessary for the fancier ones, because they make it easy to navigate through the many choices of stitches and programs.

Needle up and down buttons and the ability to program if your needle stops at the up or down position when you sew are very convenient features. You want to be able to get the needle out of the way easily when you are done working on a project or if you want to reposition a textile.

Speed control slides allow you to increase or slow down the speed at which your sewing machine works. Since some modern machines go up to 1100 stitches per minute, one often wants to use slower speeds for intricate patterns and difficult jobs. High speeds might also be too fast for beginners, so the speed slide offers a choice there.

These are features one expects to see in every high quality sewing machines, with the sole exception of the LCD screen which is only useful in complicated machines. With the basics out of the way, it is time to take a good look at each of the best eight sewing machines individually and see what made them this popular.

1.    The Brother CS6000i

Some sewing machines try to strike a balance between practical and fancy, offering plenty of creative choices, while also focusing on simplicity. The Brother CS6000i is one such machine, which wants to give its user an all around great sewing experience, without being too fancy or too simple.

What makes the Brother CS6000I stand out of the crowd are:

Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine•    60 built-in stitches. 20 of those are decorative, 20 are for garment construction, 7 are for quilting, 6 are heirloom stitches and 7 are automated button-hole styles.
•    Included detachable extended work table. This is an extremely important feature when it comes to working on larger projects like quilts.
•    Free arm. This small, long surface allows you to reach difficult areas like sleeves and parts of children’s clothes.
•    LCD screen. Since the Brother CS6000i has so many programmed stitches, this LCD screen is absolutely necessary to navigate through them.
•    Many accessories. Most of the small parts you need to customize your sewing machine for different projects are already included with your purchase.
•    Maximum speed of 850 stitches per minute. This speed allows for very quick completion of simple projects.

The Brother CS6000I is the ideal all-rounder sewing machine. It is great for beginners and experienced users alike.

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2.    The SINGER 7256

This sewing machine from SINGER is another great example of a balanced, high quality product. Again we have equally simple design and a number of comforts to make this sewing machine stand out from lower quality choices. Quite similar to the Brother CS6000i, the SINGER 7256 has a few minor differences that might tip the scale one way or another.

Here’s what makes the SINGER 7256 stand out:

SINGER 7256•    70 different stitches. 48 of those are decorative, 8 are stretch stitches, 8 are basic ones and 6 are fully automated button-hole styles.
•    Detachable extended work table included. Working on bigger projects is made easier by this feature. The table also contains storage space for your accessories. It is a small extended table.
•    Free arm. This feature lets you work in hard to reach spots like sleeves.
•    LCD screen. An absolutely necessary addition, since this sewing machine has so many stitch options to navigate through. The screen makes audible sounds when you work with it.
•    Plenty of accessories. Most of the little tidbits you need for your sewing machine are included in the package.
•    Maximum speed of 750 stitches per minute. A quite high speed, which allows you to work through easy projects fast.
•    Automatic reverse. With the pressing a single button your sewing machine will start working in reverse, allowing for quick maneuvering.

The SINGER 7256 is the perfect sewing machine for people who want a balance and affordable sewing machine.

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3.     The SINGER 4411 (aka the “Workhorse”)

Many sewing machine users desire a strong and reliable workhorse-type machine, which can do simple jobs extremely quickly in a reliable manner. Sewing machines can easily malfunction and parts of them can break when they are put through too much rigorous labor. This is why people, who sew a lot and work with hard textiles, or multiple layers of them, need a sewing machine that can take the abuse. For this specific target group, the SINGER 4411 makes the perfect buy. This is a non nonsense sewing machine that can punch through almost any textile at great speeds.

These are some of the features that make the SINGER 4411 the popular machine it is:

SINGER 4411 Sewing Machine•    11 stitches. 6 basic stitches, 4 decorative ones and a 4-step automatic button-hole. These are all the stitches you will ever need for basic, simple projects.
•    Heavy duty metal frame. All SINGER machines are robust, but this one is even tougher than the rest, for those really difficult jobs.
•    Maximum speed of 1100 stitches per minute. This is extremely fast compared to most sewing machines out there.
•    Stitch selection dial. Since you don’t really need a screen to select through 11 stitches, you get a very handy dial instead.
•    60% stronger motor. Simply put, this sewing machine can work 60% harder than most.
•    Stainless steel bed plate. Durable and tough, like the rest of this sewing machine.
•    Accessories. This sewing machine comes with its own array of basic accessories.

The SINGER 4411 is the perfect machine for a no-nonsense approach to sewing. It is made to hammer through basic projects quickly and stitch even through leather.

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4.    The SINGER 9960

Arguable one of the fanciest sewing machines, the SINGER 9960 is for those truly artistic types who want to take their sewing to a whole new level. This sewing machine gives you the ability to create unique projects and to truly express your creativity in almost any way you want. It has a higher price tag than simpler machine, but every penny is worth it for the plentitude of features you get in return.

Here’s just a quick glimpse of the amazing features the SINGER 9960 offers:

SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist Sewing Machine•    600 Stitches. More stitches than you probably will ever need! It is hard to find a better selection.
•    Alphabetic and numerical stitching. There are five alphabet fonts available for you to use and write on your textiles with. These aren’t even included in the 600 stitches, making the actual count over a 1000 if you include the letters.
•    Stitch customization. You can alter the size and width of your stitches, making them look exactly like you want.
•    Mirror stitching. You can make the sewing machine create mirror images of the stitches you use, for even more impressive patterns.
•    Extended work table. This larger work area is removable and comes together with you SINGER 9960.
•    Free arm. For those tiny projects that are hard to reach.
•    Automatic reverse. For when you need your sewing machine to start stitching backwards.
•    Maximum speed of 850 stitches per minute. Very fast for those easy projects.
•    BIG LCD screen. This is one of the biggest, easiest to use LCD screen you can get on a sewing machine.

The SINGER 9960 is a true marvel of modern technology and can turn even the most inexperienced seamstress into a professional within a few days.

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5.    The SINGER 7258

The SINGER 7258 is a slight improvement over its brother the SINGER 7256. It has more features and a few more accessories included with the purchase, giving a slightly improved choice for those who want to spend that extra little money for more comforts, yet don’t want to go all the way to buy a very exp3ensive sewing machine. The SINGER 7258 is still a very balanced machine that focuses both on simplicity and fancy features.

Some these features included are:

Singer 7258•    100 stitches. 76 of these are decorative, 9 basic stitches, 8 stretch stitches and 6 button-hole style stitches for you to choose from.
•    Detachable extended table. This is a small extension of the work area, which makes working on bigger projects easier. There is storage space within this extension, for your accessories.
•    Free arm. When the extended table is removed you are left with a small free arm to do little projects on, which are hard to reach otherwise.
•    LCD screen. This screen allows you to browse through and choose the stitch type you want to use.
•    Many accessories. More presser feet are included in this package than in the one of the SINGER 7256.
•    Maximum speed of 750 stitches per minute. Fast enough to finish easy projects within seconds.
•    Automatic reverse. With the push of a button your sewing machine starts stitching towards the other direction.

The SINGER 7258 is perfect for those users who like the SINGER 7256 but want just a little bit more luxury and a few more features for their projects. The two machines are similar and of equal high quality.

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6.    The Brother XL2600I

If you are looking for a sewing machine that has all the expected comforts you’d expect from a modern piece of technology, without the added extra features, then the Brother XL2600I is ideal for you. Not everyone wants to sew intricate patterns and do monograms. Some want very basic features in their sewing machines; simply because they want to only do very basic projects with it. So, when you don’t want any extra features and wish to pay only for the essentials, the Brother XL2600I is the perfect answer.

Here are some of the Brother XL2600I’s features:

Brother XL2600I•    25 built-in stitches. 14 of those are for garment construction, 4 are decorative, 3 are heirloom stitches, 2 are quilting stitches and 1 is an automated button-hole stitch.
•    Free arm. This elongated, small work space lets you do tricky projects that are hard to reach.
•    Maximum speed of 850 stitches per hour. This is faster than many, more expensive, sewing machines can do.
•    Many accessories. The package includes plenty of tidbits to customize your sewing machine with when you want to work on different projects.

In all its simplicity, the Brother XL2600I is a good, reliable machine that can get the job done quickly. It is perfect for those who only want a basic, high quality sewing machine.

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7.    The Brother Project Runway PC420PRW

When it comes to giving its user the most room for creativity and individuality, the Brother PC420PRW is one of the best sewing machines out there. The whole idea behind this project is to give the owner of this sewing machine infinite choice with an easy-to-use product. Aside from customization, the Brother PC420PRW also includes many high end features that are certain to charm its owner.

Here are some of these aforementioned features:

Brother Project Runway PC420PRW•    294 built-in stitches. 67 of those are utility stitches, 31 are decorative, 5 are cross stitches, 16 are satin stitches and 10 are decorative satin stitches. 10 styles of button-holes are included as well.
•    3 lettering styles. These allow you to “write” with stitches on your projects.
•    Stitch customization. The ability to create your own kind of stitch and save it into the sewing machine’s computer for further use.
•    Free arm. For those tedious small projects.
•    LCD screen. Necessary to navigate through all these options.
•    Maximum speed of 850 stitches per minute. Can finish easy projects very fast.

If you want near infinite ability to be creative with your stitches, the Brother PC420PRW is one of the few sewing machines that can do this for you.

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8.    The Brother XR9500PRW

If you are looking for a sewing machine with many high end features that comes at a low price, then the Brother XR9500PRW is the ideal choice for you. This sewing machine gives you some great features for which you usually would have to pay a lot more money for, making it ideal for creative seamstresses/tailors on a budget.

Some of these features are:

Brother XR9500PRW•    100 unique built-in stitches (140 stitch functions). Plenty of decorative choices and button-hole styles are included.
•    One letter sewing font. With this you can do some basic writing and monogramming on your projects.
•    Free arm. This allows you to do work on small areas that are hard to reach.
•    Detachable extended work table. This is a perfect accessory when you want to work on big projects like your quilts.
•    Many little accessories. These are used to customize your machine for different kinds of projects and needs.
•    Maximum sewing speed of 850 stitches per minute. With this speed you’ll be finished with your simpler projects in no time.

With the Brother XR9500PRW you can enjoy many of the luxuries that usually come with more expensive sewing machines at a fraction of the price.

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How to Choose Among the Eight Best Sewing Machines?

All eight of these amazing sewing machines come with a 25 year guarantee, which is a clear testimony to their high quality and great design. Buying one of these sewing machines is certain to be a great investment and give you a lot of worth for your money.

If you have a hard time choosing which of these amazing sewing machines is the ideal choice for you, then you should seriously consider the purpose you want them for. Whether you want to do simple household projects or high end artistic work on your sewing machine, in our list we have the ideal choice for all needs and budgets.

One thing is certain: whatever your final choice, you will have bought one of the eight best sewing machines that exist in the market today.

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