SINGER 7258 Sewing Machine Review

Singer 7258Every time SINGER releases a new sewing machine into the market, you can expect that it will have some feature that will wow the potential buyer. The same goes for the award winning SINGER 7258, which was designed as a slightly more complex edition of the SINGER 7256. These are nothing like the sewing machines of old, which were noisy, slow and tedious to use. SINGER is now creating technological marvels that no longer waste time and offer the maximum possible productivity to their users. This all becomes clear when we take a closer look at the SINGER 7258’s features.

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Key Features of the SINGER 7258

The most important features of the SINGER 7258, which immediately make an impression, are:

• 100 different stitches
• Automatic threading
• LCD screen
• Top drop-in bobbin with clear cover
• Electronic auto pilot
• 10 different presser feet included
• Illuminated workspace
• 7 automatic one-step button-holes
• Needle up/down programming and power on/off button
• Automatic tension

As you can see the SINGER 7258 includes everything the passionate seamstress/tailor needs, making it perfect for all kinds of projects. Aside from the features, the SINGER 7258 also offers plenty of benefits to its user.

Benefits of Using the SINGER 7258

Even for someone who hasn’t worked with older sewing machines, it isn’t hard to appreciate how amazing the design of the SINGER 7258 truly is. After all the 163 year experience of the SINGER company has made them experts when it comes to helping people who like sewing.

The LCD screen of the SINGER 7258 is certainly one of its most handy features. This little screen displays plenty of information, which would have been too hard to program without. When trying to choose one of the 100 different stitches, for instance, the button next to the screen needs to be pressed and the LCD screen will shows you which stitch you have selected. A table beneath the screen shows you graphically how the stitch you chose looks like.

Among these 100 different stitches there are 9 basic ones, mainly used for crafting simple projects and mending. There are 8 straight stitches that move with you fabric and 76 decorative ones, which add a creative look to your projects. There are six different button-holes programmed into the machine and the option to create another button-hole whose sides can go on for as long as you program the machine to do so.

There is no worry about having a hard time seeing what you do, since the working area of the SINGER 7258 is brightly illuminated with a LED light. The oversized, removable table offers a larger working space when you choose to work on a large project, like a quilt for instance. This extension table includes a storage space within, which has ample space to accommodate the various accessories that come with your SINGER 7258.The free arm is perfect for sewing on sleeves and small clothes, which aren’t easy to reach in any other way.

Let’s not forget about that time wasting chore of threading the needle. With the SINGER 7258 you can forget about trying to push that thread into your needle for minutes at a time. The automatic threading function of this sewing machine will do this for you in an instant.

The practical top drop-in bobbin is easy to feed and the clear cover on it allows you to see when you are running out of thread.

At any time during sewing you can simply change the direction towards which your machine sews by pressing the automatic reverse button. The speed slide lets you choose how fast or slow you want to work on your project. You can go as fast as 750 stitches per minute if you want to be done quickly, or spend longer time on tricky projects.

Why Should You Buy the SINGER 7258?

When it comes to such an advanced piece of technology like the SINGER 7258, the question should be: why shouldn’t you want one? This is such a great sewing machine, designed to make your sewing hobby (or work) so much easier and more fun.

After all, it gives you plenty of reasons to like it:

Practicality. The SINGER 7258 strips tedious details away from sewing and leaves you only with the creative tasks of choosing stitches and creating masterpieces.
High quality. This sewing machine comes with an impressive 25 year guarantee, which can be attributed to its strong metal frame and robust build.
Versatility. A hundred different stitches are more than enough to create unique and amazing handicrafts.

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The SINGER 7258 has all the features one needs to create amazing handicrafts and even more!

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SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist Sewing Machine Review

SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist Sewing MachineArguably the best sewing machine of its kind, the SINGER 9960 is the dream of every handicrafts creator. Carrying the name SINGER proudly, this sewing machine shows what one and a half century of company experience can create. The SINGER 9960 has so many novel and extremely beautiful features, that it puts most other sewing machines to shame. Some of these features are actually rare to even see in other sewing machines, if they exist at all.

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Key Features of the SINGER 9960

When trying to put the features of the SINGER 9960 into a list you are overwhelmed by all the various conveniences and technology that has gone into its creation. This is why here we have a list of the most amazing features only, since you already expect the simple amenities in such a great sewing machine:

•    600 stitches
•    Automatic threading that takes only six seconds
•    Huge LCD screen
•    Stitch customization and mirror reversion
•    5 alphabets to stitch letters with
•    25 needle positions
•    A vast array of included accessories
•    Extension table and free arm
•    Needle up and down button
•    Doubly illuminated work surface

As if these features weren’t impressive enough, the benefits that come with using the SINGER 9960 are even greater.

Benefits of Using the SINGER 9960

Owning such a high quality sewing machine almost feels like a privilege and is certainly a luxury worth the price. The amazingly diverse features leave your imagination to roam free and let you create entirely unique patterns and stitches.

After all if 600 stitches weren’t already enough to satisfy every appetite, you can also customize these stitches to your heart’s content. You can increase the stitch width, elongate your stitches and even mirror reverse them to create fancy patterns. Probably the best part is that you can actually write with stitches. The 5 installed alphabets of the SINGER 9960 allow you to write names, even whole poems if you wish, with just the simple programming of the LCD screen.

The huge LCD screen lets you choose your stitch features very thoroughly and is very comprehensive to use. You can adjust the brightness of the screen, so that you can see clearly no matter how dim or bright the room you’re in is. Before you even start sewing you already know how the results clearly will look like.

The needle up and down button is extremely handy to lift the needle away from the work area when needed, even when the sewing machine isn’t stitching.

Your work area isn’t just illuminated; it is DOUBLY illuminated, with LED lamps that have over 100.000 hours of life. This way you know you will see clearly whatever you doing even when you work with dark thread and textiles.

Of course such a great sewing machine like the SINGER 9960 includes a free arm and an extended working table for small and large projects respectively. The removable working table has enough storage space within to hold the many accessories that come with the SINGER 9960.

You can also adjust the speed with which you work. There is a slow speed option that allows you to do complicated and intricate patterns, while the high speed allows the SINGER 9960 to create 850 stitches per minute. This way you can spend as much or little time as you want working on your project.

If anything goes wrong, the SINGER 9960 will tell you so itself. It will produce a warning sound, which you can switch off if it isn’t to your liking. It will also display the probable cause of the error on the big LCD screen, so that you can fix whatever is wrong with minimum effort.

Why Should You Buy the SINGER 9960?

If you are passionate about sewing, then the answer is quite obvious: this sewing machine is among the best options you have to produce the best handicrafts you possibly can. This isn’t a machine for the amateur or the occasional dabbler. The SINGER 9960 is a piece of art created to give a whole new world of abilities to its users:

•    Extreme versatility. With over 600 unique stitches and over 1000 stitch choice in whole, you can’t expect more choices than this.
•    Vast array of features. Only few sewing machines offer so many features and bonuses all included in the price.
•    Great quality. The robust built of this sewing machine will make it last far longer than its 25 year guarantee implies.
•    Easy to use. Despite the many features, the SINGER 9960 is designed to be very easy to learn how to use.

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The SINGER 9960 is the perfect sewing machine for those who want to be able to turn every sewing dream into a fabulous reality.

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SINGER 4411 Sewing Machine Review

SINGER 4411 Sewing MachineJust by seeing the name SINGER, you know that this review is about one of the best sewing machines out there. After all, you can’t sneer at 163 years experience in making sewing machines. The SINGER 4411 might not be one of the fanciest machines the market has to offer, but you won’t find any sewing machine that is more robust and hard working than this one. This is the sewing machine for the heavy duty handicrafts that powers through whatever you put in its work area. Its features follow the entire philosophy of this machine, they are precise and simple.

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Key Features of the SINGER 4411

If you are looking for simple, good-old productivity, then you won’t find anything better than the SINGER 4411. Here’s a list of its main features:

• Robust metal frame
• Stainless steel bed plate
• Top Drop-in Bobbin
• Drop Feed
• Automatic buttonhole creation
• 11 stitch choices
• Top speed of 1.100 stitches per minute
• 60% stronger motor than average
• Plenty of accessories

The benefits of using a SINGER 4411 become clear when you put this sewing machine to the test.

Benefits of Using the SINGER 4411

What’s most important to note about the SINGER 4411 is that it’s able to do things other sewing machines simply can’t. Most machines aren’t built to stitch through thick textiles and many layers. They get stuck and simply won’t deliver. This is why the SINGER 4411 was built with a motor 60% stronger than what you usually get in other sewing machines. This motor, combined with the extra robust metal frame, give the SINGER 4411 all the power it needs to punch through tough textiles and plenty of layers when needed.

This makes the SINGER 4411 ideal for crafts like hats, thick quilts and blankets among others.

That’s far from all the SINGER 4411 is good at. After all that powerful motor gives it a phenomenal working speed of 1.100 stitches per minute. Doing simple sewing jobs, like curtains and tablecloths, has never been faster and easier.

If you want the SINGER 4411 to start stitching in reverse, you have only to push a simple button for it to do so, changing direction in an instant. You can also adjust the width of your stitches, as well as their length, by turning the respective dial. A second dial let’s you choose among the 11 stitches the SINGER 4411 is programmed to do. These stitches include 6 basic ones, 4 decorative and one button-hole stitch choice, which is all you ever need for simple handcrafting. Since the choice of stitches is limited, the need for an LCD screen is redundant and instead of that you have the stitch dial, which lets you choose your stitches quickly with a simple turn instead of many button pushes.

You can easily monitor the bobbin thread supply through the clear cover from above. It is quite easy to fill and remove the top drop-in bobbin whenever it is needed.

The removable sewing bed offer a larger work space for big projects, while also containing a storage space for all the accessories that accompany your SINGER 4411. This sewing machine also has a free arm for when you need to work with small projects like sleeves and children’s clothes.

The SINGER 4411 can sew through light as well as heavy textiles just as well. You only need to adjust the pressure on the presser foot to ensure that you’ll have ideal results for the type of fabric you want to use.

Why Should You Buy a SINGER 4411?

SINGER knows that there needs to be different types of sewing machines for different types of uses. Fancy machines are great for, light, decorative jobs, but you need a real workhorse to power through leather and jeans fabric.

After all, the SINGER 4411 offers you:

• Wider choice of textiles. For those who care more about working with a wider variety of textiles, rather than working with a wider variety of stitches, the SINGER 4411 is ideal.
• More power. This machine powers through almost anything with the right adjustment
• Longevity. A 25 year guarantee proves that SINGER has all the confidence that this sewing machine will last you for much longer than that, thanks to its robust built.
• Extreme speed. The SINGER 4411 is also great for those who have a lot of simple projects that need to be finished quickly. The powerful motor enables this sewing machine to go through 1.100 stitches in a minute, which can make a seamstresses’ or a tailor’s job faster and easier.

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Choosing the SINGER 4411 is choosing robust quality and practicality, it is as simple as that!

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SINGER 7256 Sewing Machine Review

SINGER 7256Singer is one of the leading manufacturers of sewing machines around the world, offering households top notch quality and technology since 1851. Their one and a half century of experience shows clearly in the design and practicality of all their sewing machines and the SINGER 7256 is no exception to the rule. The SINGER 7256 is ideal for those handicrafts lovers who want to step up from a cheap and plain machine to a sewing machine of greater caliber.

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Key Features of the SINGER 7256

There are plenty of incredible features that make the SINGER7256 stand out from the crowd. These are some of the most important ones:

•    70 different stitches
•    Plenty of accessories
•    Storage room in the removable table
•    Automatic needle threading
•    Easy snap-on presser feet
•    Sewing speed slide
•    Robust metal frame
•    LED screen
•    Illuminated working area

The SINGER 7256 has far more to offer than just these important features. There are plenty more perks that make this sewing machine the popular choice it is.

Benefits of Owning a SINGER 7256

Forget about that tedious and noisy old machine your grandmother used. The SINGER 7256 is made to make sewing as easy as possible and offer computerized options, which can create amazing stitches and effects. The LED screen makes choosing among the computerized options extremely easy and comprehensive even for beginners.

Choosing the perfect stitch for your project has never been easier. The green table at the front of the machine graphically shows you how each of the 70 different stitches you can choose from look like. Then you only have to push the selection button next to the screen and find the correctly numbered stitch for your project. From half moons to meanders and leafy vines, the SINGER 7256 can create 48 decorative stitches, 8 stretch ones, 8 basics and 6 fully automated button-hole stitch types.

You don’t need to worry anymore about getting your thread through that tedious and tiny needle hole. Advanced sewing machines, like the SINGER 7256, have an automated threading system that allows the thread to pass through the needle hole without any human intervention needed. This way, with the push of a simple lever, you are ready to go, faster than ever before.

Stitching on dark textiles is usually a “blind” job, since it is hard to see what your needle is doing. No more! The SINGER 7256 has an illuminated work area with a bright, white LED light. This way you can see even the darkest stitches on a pitch black textile and be sure you are doing exactly what you want with it.

The removable table has actually two purposes. First, of course, is its use as an extension of your work area when you want to craft big projects like quilts. Second, it has a storage compartment inside, which perfectly fits all the tiny accessories that come with your SINGER 7256. This removes any fear of losing the precious little needles and various pieces that come with this sewing machine. When the table is removed, the sewing machine is ideal for smaller projects that require a narrower working space.

With the automatic tension feature, the SINGER 7256 ensures that your stitches are always excellent no matter what type of textile you use. The automatic reverse feature is a simple button that lets you stitch in reverse just as easy as that.

To ensure that you can breeze through easy projects and work carefully on details, the speed slide lets you choose how fast your SINGER 7256 should work for you. The maximum is 750 stitches per minute, which can make easy jobs be over in a matter of seconds.

Why Should You Buy the SINGER 7256?

If the name SINGER isn’t enough to convince you that this is one of the best choices in the sewing machine market, then the extensive list of labor saving features should do the trick.

The SINGER 7256 offers you:

•    Great Control. You can sew as fast (up to 750 stitches per minute) or slow as you want, giving you control over your projects like never before.
•    Versatility. 70 stitches and many accessories let you do a lot of different kinds of work.
•    Quality. This sewing machine is built to last for at least 25 years as the guarantee clearly shows.
•    Comfort. This sewing machine is less noisy and far more versatile than all its predecessors and can turn sewing from a chore into a pleasure.

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These are the reasons why, from the beginner to the sewing expert the SINGER 7256 has something special to offer for all its users.

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